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Quantum 360™ Degree Assessments

Quantum 360TM assessment tools provide employees and teams with a broader view of what's working and what may need improvement on an interpersonal level.  These interpersonal and intrapersonal insights are a cornerstone of Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Why is it useful? 

Clients benefit from insights into how coworkers, supervisors, fellow workteam members, and other stakeholders see them.

They also learn more about their own habits, preferences, and tendencies, and how these attributes affect them in the workplace as well as at the career level.

Valuable as part of talent development.  The 360 Degree Assessment is available as part of Waterford's training workshops and coaching programs.


How does it work? 

The 360 Degree Assessment is based on a personal interview with the client and a survey or interviews with others with whom the client interacts on a regular or periodic basis. 


The focus is on insights that support career and individual goals and lay the groundwork for practical action by the client. 


All data from interviews and surveys are anonymized. A 1-2 page executive summary with highlights of the complete report is provided to the client's supervisor for review and discussion.  


Findings are then incorporated into the initial personal development plan created at the beginning of the the private coaching program.

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