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Stakeholder Engagement Advising


Effective engagement requires a clear understanding of desired outcomes and a structured process to get you there.

At Waterford, we guide our clients in developing and implementing engagement processes that manage risk and add value in support of project goals.


Length of engagements: Varies according to project need, generally 12 months at a minimum


Waterford’s Stakeholder Engagement services include:

  • Design and management of the engagement process from start to finish

  • Coordination of all steps of engagement, from serving as the public point-of-contact for inquiries to planning and hosting community meetings and gathering feedback

  • Facilitation of community meetings, advisory groups, and open houses.

  • Selection and management of engagement tools, including websites, online engagement platforms/tech, and social media.

  • Educational programs that build awareness and understanding of project needs, its components, and decision options.

  • Monitoring and reporting on stakeholder input provided


A skilled and experienced team with expertise in engagement can make all the difference in project success.  We have more than 20 years of experience designing and leading engagement projects in the fields of the environment, land use, and transportation.


Tap into Waterford’s experience and expertise for your next project.



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