“How’m I doing?” – Mayor Ed Koch, New York City

Waterford uses a strengths-based approach that seeks to acknowledge and activate Your Greatest Self – as an individual, as a professional, and as a leader.  Assessments are tools that enable us to identify specific strengths and opportunities for growth.


We use well-respected assessment tools with clients, including the Six Seconds Social and Emotional Intelligence Assessment, the Six Seconds Team Dashboard, and the Quantum 360® Interview Tool, among others.  If you prefer a specific assessment tool that is not on our list, please ask as we are glad to provide it through our network of certified coaching and HR professionals.


We use these assessments with current Career Coaching, Executive Coaching, Change Management, and Education & Training clients.


Clients appreciate the use of these tools on an individual level.  These tools can:


  • Acknowledge strengths and opportunities for personal and professional growth

  • Heighten self-awareness

  • Identify possible patterns that are productive and counterproductive

  • Discover or rediscover what’s important to you – your personal values

  • Reveal how others perceive you, and your positive and negative “gives”

  • Show gaps in soft skills -- what you think you’re good at, and what the data show


Additional benefits of assessments at the team or organizational level include:

  • Identify opportunities to further cultivate individual leadership competencies and team-based behaviors

  • Support continuous improvement in job-related and organizational competencies

  • Elevate trust among leaders

  • Motivate leaders and team members to improve skills that can accrue to the bottom line or organizational mission

  • Valuable as a baseline for performance-based standards for team members



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