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These Compass Cards are a great gift for a friend or colleague -- or for yourself! 


Includes 8 cards, each with a reflective question and a stunning image from nature in the background and on the reverse side. 


Each set of cards is sent in a blue fabric bag and includes a small compass element.  An excellent way to take a break during the day, check-in with yourself, and be inspired!



$5 USD each, plus $1.50 shipping and handling

2 Sets for $8 USD, plus $1.50 shipping and handling

Cards are sent in a small blue fabric bag.  Includes a small compass emblem. 


Contains small parts -- Not suitable for children.

Shipping is by USPS.  SHIPPING DELAYS - Due to COVID-19 all courier services are seeing delays during shipping.  Even though most orders are delivered without issue, once your order leaves our facility it may take several days to arrive. Please allow 14 days for delivery. For international orders, please contact us for shipping pricing.

Compass Cards

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