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Autonomy, mastery, and purpose drive today’s innovative, creative workplaces – Dan Pink

Waterford’s workshops and training offerings use a Plan of Study approach – a model we borrow from academia, where each session supports the desired outcome for mastery of a specific subject area.  All Workshops & Training programs are customized to your specific needs.


Coupled with autonomy and purpose, our workshops and small group mentoring sessions cultivate internal motivation and specific skill sets in support of professional excellence and organizational outcomes.


  • Close the gap between the mission and business goals of the organization and day-to-day actions of team members

  • Develop individual core competencies that have a direct impact on business or performance results

  • Build team competencies, managerial competencies, and leadership competencies vs. individual competencies

  • Foster individual and team productivity through creativity, quick thinking, and high social and emotional intelligence

  • Cultivate “nimble learners” who can adapt quickly to disruptions

  • Effectively meet the ongoing demands of a changing business, industry, or community climate

  • Harness ideas for new products, programs, and services

  • Productively manage conflict

  • Attract employees who want to develop professionally or are seeking to have an impact

  • Retain employees and increase job satisfaction


Contact Beth Offenbacker, PhD, to discuss if our customized workshops and training services are right for your organization.

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