Engagement Tools and Technology

Tools/technology today provide many opportunities to engage stakeholders in a variety of ways – in some cases, it can seem like too many choices abound.  How to choose effectively?

Waterford guides clients in selecting and implementing savvy tools/tech that make engagement more effective and efficient, and that add value in support of project goals.


For example, these may include engagement platforms (online communities for engagement), polling tools for an in-person engagement at meetings, or the use of citizen science tools that enable community members to gather data that are valuable for project use or other tools/tech as needed.


Length of Engagements: Varies according to project need, generally as part of a larger Stakeholder Engagement project


Waterford’s Engagement Tools/Technology services include:

  • Evaluation of possible or current tech/tools and needs

  • Identifying and matching project need with potential engagement platforms or tools

  • Coordinating set up and launch of engagement tech/tools

  • Managing the ongoing use of the tool, from updating information and moderating posts to monitoring questions and generating reports on stakeholder input provided


A skilled and experienced team with expertise in engagement can make all the difference in project success.  We have more than 20 years of experience designing and leading engagement projects in the fields of the environment, land use, and transportation, including the effective use of tools/tech as part of these processes.


Tap into Waterford’s experience and expertise for your next project.

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