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Are you an emotionally intelligent leader?  

"The primary responsibilities of leadership are setting direction and enrolling people.  

Emotions are central to both these activities: Emotions MOVE people." - Six Seconds

That's where emotional intelligence comes in.  It's especially key as we work to make

communities stronger and more successful.

Learn new strategies and ideas for enhancing your Emotional Intelligence -- your EQ -- at our complimentary 8-part series, Secrets of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders™.  


Each session focuses on one of the eight competencies of emotional intelligence: Enhancing Emotional Literacy, Recognizing Patterns, Consequential Thinking, Navigating Emotions, Engaging Intrinsic Motivation, Exercising Optimism, Increasing Empathy, and Pursuing Noble Goals.

We discuss each competency, plus each call features strategies, tools, and tips for enhancing your EQ as a leader and manager.


This program concluded recently although if you're interested in listening to the calls, check out the Secrets of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders™ series on our True North podcast.  

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