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Bottom-Line Results that are Real

At the Organizational Level

Research shows that organizations that have EQ integrated into their culture experience:

  • Increased their sales performance via recruiting and training more emotionally intelligent salespeople.

  • Improved customer service through recruiting customer service representatives with higher levels of EQ.

  • Superior leadership performance based on a strategy of developing and recruiting for executive EQ.

  • Better team performance, with higher productivity and higher profit growth.

Companies with a focus on EQ in the workplace also attract and retain more high-performing people, and have higher levels of customer and client loyalty, as much as 37% in one study conducted by MetLife.


At the Leadership Level

And leaders who use their EQ to better engage people are able to deliver impressive bottom-line results. Teams with higher engagement are:

  • 27% more likely to report higher profitability

  • 38% more likely to show above-average productivity

  • 50% more likely to experience lower turnover

  • 56% more likely to have a higher-than-average client or customer loyalty


At the Staff Level

On an individual level, studies show that people who are emotionally intelligent perform better, are more effective at sales, and are more satisfied with their work.

But don't just take our word for it!


Download the EQ Business Case, a 65-page report that highlights the business case for emotional intelligence, including case studies, outcome-based research, and more.

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