Executive and Leadership Coaching 

Enhance your ability as a Green Executive

drive productive outcomes

and achieve desired goals 

We specialize in working with technical and scientifically-focused Green Executives

Waterford provides one-on-one Executive and Leadership coaching for current and emerging Green Executives within an organizational setting.  

Our Executive and Leadership coaching model, developed by a former Fortune 200 senior executive and coach with more than 30 years of corporate experience, uses defined steps that are specific to the corporate environment. 

Please reach out to Beth Offenbacker, PhD, at 703-623-4811 to discuss how we can support you and your team:

  • Enhance the results and outcomes that Green Executives in your organization achieve

  • Design strategies for effectively managing team members in challenging situations

  • Increase leadership self-awareness and presence through the application of Mindfulness-based tools

  • Achieve greater impact and effectiveness by maximizing individual Green Executive performance

  • Retain and cultivate future Green Executives for your organization

  • Foster leadership resiliency for when projects get off track

  • Improve leader-to-team communication

Contact Beth Offenbacker, PhD, to discuss if our Executive and Leadership Coaching for Green Executives is right for your organization.  Lunch-and-Learns, mentoring support, and customized training programs and workshops also are available.  

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