Executive and Leadership Coaching 

Drive productive outcomes,

build leadership competencies,

and achieve desired goals 

We specialize in working with technical and scientifically-focused Green Executives

Waterford provides one-on-one Executive and Leadership coaching for current and emerging Green Executives within an organizational setting.  


Our Executive and Leadership coaching model, developed by a former Fortune 200 senior executive and coach with more than 30 years of corporate experience, uses defined steps that are specific to the corporate environment

We have extensive experience in the conservation and foresty, energy and clean tech, Green Urban Village, and sustainable tourism and eco-focused products/services fields, and are knowledgeable about the people- and market-based challenges and opportunities facing organizations in these sectors.

Our Executive/Leadership Coaching is valuable for organizations seeking to:

  • Assess gaps and build leadership competencies that deliver on organizational goals

  • Establish or refine leadership objectives for each Green Executive

  • Align or implement strategies for effectively managing team members in challenging situations

  • Increase leadership self-awareness and presence through Mindfulness-based tools

  • Achieve greater reach and impact by maximizing individual Green Executive performance

  • Retain and cultivate future Green Executives

  • Foster leadership resiliency for when projects get off track

  • Improve leader-to-team communication, including in such areas as Performance Feedback and Difficult Conversations


We also provide a range of assessments that support Executive/Leadership coaching.  Inquire about the Quantum 360®, a powerful Closed-loop, Interview-based feedback tool that reveals core insights about leadership competencies, behaviors, and key relationships – insights that are often hidden or difficult to unearth through most 360-degree feedback tools.  

Please reach out to Beth Offenbacker, Ph.D., CPCC, at beth@waterfordinc.com or via phone/text at 703-623-4811 to discuss how we can support you and your team.

Read the ICF Code of Ethics, which guides Beth in her coaching work with clients.

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