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Testimonials from Program Participants

I was nearing the end of my MBA program and was looking for an outside perspective on career options in sustainable energy. Beth was amazing. She was able to tease out details and help me verbalize key points of my work history that had gone unexplored. She also introduced me to a whole new network of professional colleagues that have provided advice and encouragement. Beth was very careful to say she wasn't a cheerleader when we first met but I feel like she has been a supportive, meaningful presence in my career and I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Green Career Momentum Participant

Beth Offenbacker has shown me the value of having a coach. Transitioning my skills and experience to the renewable energy sector has become that much easier and less daunting with her assistance. The GCM has provided me with a group of individuals on a similar journey, and our sessions with Beth are enlightening, motivating, and very helpful. Beth is such a positive and supportive coach; I feel upbeat and capable after each conversation. She helps me and others see the potential that lies in each one of us, but sometimes is hard to embrace on one's own. I would recommend Beth to anyone, whether or not they are interested in working in the green economy. I am very thankful to have spent the time with her (virtually) that I have, and plan on continuing to use her services as I move forward in my career.
Everyone should have a coach!

Green Career Momentum Participant

I needed help exploring potential lateral career moves into new areas of the green economy. Beth’s workshops have helped me frame the factors to consider, such as how various sectors and technical roles map to my interests, skills, and work style. Her Green Career Momentum series was a great forum to learn from Beth and the other participants who bring varied professional experiences and career lessons learned. I’ve gained very helpful new perspectives for my current professional work and potential future directions.

Green Career Momentum Participant

Plug into Your Green Career

Learn more about this program by listening to our recent Green Career Momentum Information Session (13 minutes) Recording is here

NOTE: We have established a Wait List for our next GCM group.  If you are interested in participating in GCM prior to July 2021, please contact Beth Offenbacker.

Are you at a crossroads as you consider your next career move in the Green Economy?  Have you been inspired by Leaders in Energy members and speakers working in green jobs whom you’ve met at our events?  Is this your year to land the Green Job you’ve been dreaming about?   Are you looking to land, create, pivot into, or move up into your dream green job?

Leaders in Energy's Green Career Momentum (GCM) is a career development program and job network for those seeking new jobs and related opportunities.   The program consists of six (6) Group Coaching sessions, conducted weekly online via Zoom, that guide you in developing your Green Career Portfolio as part of your Green Career search. 

GCM participants also receive three (3) coaching sessions (30 minutes each) as part of the program.  These are one-on-one sessions with Executive/Leadership Coach Beth Offenbacker that can be used to work on your search strategy, conduct practice interviews, or other aspects of your Green Career Portfolio.  The Green Career Portfolio is a component of the four-part Green Career Map™ developed by Beth Offenbacker.

The GCM Group Coaching Program is led by Executive/Leadership Coach Beth Offenbacker, Ph.D., CPCC, ACC.  In addition to her work with Waterford, Beth is Director of Training & Development for Leaders in Energy, and she co-designed and leads the Green Career Workshops offered by LE.

This program is for you if you are seeking to

  • Clarify or hone your Green Career Plan and develop your Green Career Portfolio

  • Strengthen your Personal Brand as a Green Leader

  • Map out or refine your Green Career Search Strategy

  • Expand your knowledge of the Green Economy and the needs that potential hiring organizations have

  • Understand the mindset and expectations of Human Resources professionals, and gain tips for working with them effectively

  • Tips and strategies for enhancing your interview effectiveness, including interviewing and storytelling skills, establishing your credibility and build rapport, and valuable post-interviewing strategies

  • Grow and expand your network of fellow Green Leaders


This green-focused group coaching program builds on our past Jobs Forums and two Green Career Workshops that we have presented (prior attendance of these is not a requirement for this program).  It is part of the Leaders in Energy community of job seekers and those seeking related opportunities, e.g., entrepreneurship, in the green space. 

In addition to learning new tools and strategies, GCMers will support one another via networking, share information on their job search with others, etc.   

We will also conduct experiential exercises to help you gain insights into your job search and collaborate with one another.  In addition, time will be set aside in each session to work on the “burning questions” or challenges that you are facing in your green career search.

This process can sometimes be a lonely and isolating one so GCM is a good way to build camaraderie and facilitate peer-to-peer networking within the green community.  The program is tailored to assist job seekers at all levels and provide a supportive environment.


Participants will also have access to the GCM Portal, with materials from each of the GCM sessions to include recordings of the virtual sessions, worksheets, and other green career resources.

Our sessions align with four Key Quadrants of the Green Economy below as well as on cross-cutting themes applicable to the green economy.  Four key green quadrants are presented below from the Leaders in Energy Green Career Workshop.


Environmental Science, Natural Resource Management, Energy & Smart Grid



IT/Built Environment, Information Technology, Buildings, Transportation



Extracting Raw Materials, Processing Materials, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Distribution, Waste



Research, Design, and Consulting Services; Governmental and Regulatory Administration; Environment Protection, Policy

Note: The specialized skills of Planning, Designing, and Engineering overlap many of these quadrants, including:

  • Natural Resource Management and Energy & Smart Grid (both part of the Nature quadrant),

  • IT/Built Environment, Information Technology, Buildings, and Transportation (all part of the Infrastructure quadrant), and 

  • Extracting Raw Materials, Processing Materials, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Waste (all part of the Manufacturing quadrant).

Copy of Green Career Momentum.png


Weekly, on Tuesdays for 6 sessions

December 15, 22, and 29

January 5, 12, and 19

All sessions are 6:00-7:30pm Eastern

Sessions are held by Zoom and all are recorded.

Includes a comprehensive workbook with exercises and resources.

Participants also receive three (3) one-on-one coaching sessions with Executive/Leadership 

Coach Beth Offenbacker.  These can be valuable sessions for resume consultation, career strategy discussions, interviewing preparation, and similar topics.

Click here for a downloadable Agenda.  

Registration $347 USD

Payment plans and invoicing options are available.  Please contact Beth Offenbacker at or 703.623.4811

Seats are limited.


Next GCM Session to be held in July/August 2021  

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