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Small Group Coaching & Mentoring Program

Testimonial from a Past Consulting Sales Client

Beth Offenbacker is simply sensational at what she does.  After twenty years of running a business, I thought I had a lot of things figured out.  But Beth has caused me to consider new approaches and options to client development, strategic focus, and allocation of personal time and resources that have re-energized the business.  I couldn't be more pleased with the results we're having and how our time together has impacted me personally.  Beth has so much knowledge to share, particularly since has been in business herself for over two decades.  Beth is worth her weight in gold! -- Laura Mandala, Mandala Research

Power Up Your Green Consulting

A Weekly Group Coaching & Mentoring Program for Landing New Business and Growing Your Client Base

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  • Are you looking for a practical approach to business development that works in a virtual selling environment?

  • Do you want to pursue new client business that advances clean energy or sustainability goals through the unique products or services you provide?

  • Are you looking to land new business, deliver client service excellence, and grow your client base in 2021 and beyond?


Green Consulting Success (GCS) is a program for consultants who are seeking to enhance their business development and consulting skills in order to grow their revenue.

GCS Coaching & Mentoring sessions, held each Tuesday from 1:00-2:00 pm Eastern via Zoom, focus on the steps, strategies, and practices that support you in landing new business and growing your revenue.

Sessions also emphasize “green” trends and insights that are valuable for identifying possible client needs and future sales opportunities.

Annual GCS members receive two personalized Sales Skills Assessments, each with a 60-minute Assessment Review and Coaching session:

  • The DISC Sales Assessment provides insights on your personality strengths and how to effectively communicate with prospective clients who may be similar, somewhat different, or very different than you.

  • The EQ FIT Sales Assessment identifies your distinctive emotional intelligence strengths and guides you in developing the personal consulting skills that can foster sales success.

The accompanying Assessment Review and Coaching sessions are one-on-one sessions that focus on the skills that enhance the process of both developing new business and delivering it with success. These skills are a component of Waterford’s five-part Green Consulting Success Map™, which provides the foundation for the GSC program.

This program is for you if you’re seeking to:

1. Learn and apply science-based virtual selling tools and strategies to increase revenue and grow your client base

2. Using the six-step Consulting Sales Process, assess what’s working and what’s not -- and learn specific strategies that can enhance your “sales batting average”

3. Ensure you’re focusing on the right target audience for your Green product/service

4. Strengthen your Organization’s Unique Value Proposition and Brand as a Green product/service provider

5. Further develop your Green Consulting skills using the DISC Sales Assessment and EQ FIT Sales Assessment, which identify and guide you in enhancing the behaviors and practices that contribute to sales success

6. Expand your knowledge of Green trends and the needs that potential client organizations have

7. Understand the mindset and expectations of potential clients – including those who are “hard to sell,” and gain tips for working with them effectively

8. Gain tips and strategies for enhancing your business development/sales effectiveness, including virtual selling, sales planning, overcoming sales obstacles, understanding what’s really going on with client resistance, and more

9. Avoid starting from scratch in business development by using our Green Consulting Toolkit and Templates

including proposal templates, sales meeting agendas, and prospect list templates

10. Grow and expand your network of fellow Green consulting professionals

Our sessions align with four Key Quadrants of the Green Economy below as well as on cross-cutting themes applicable to the green economy.


Environmental Science, Natural Resource Management, Energy & Smart Grid



IT/Built Environment, Information Technology, Buildings, Transportation



Extracting Raw Materials, Processing Materials, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Distribution, Waste



Research, Design, and Consulting Services; Governmental and Regulatory Administration; Environment Protection, Policy

Note: The specialized skills of PlanningDesigning, and Engineering overlap many of these quadrants, including:

  • Natural Resource Management and Energy & Smart Grid (both part of the Nature quadrant),

  • IT/Built Environment, Information Technology, Buildings, and Transportation (all part of the Infrastructure quadrant), and 

  • Extracting Raw Materials, Processing Materials, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Waste (all part of the Manufacturing quadrant).


Based in part on the work of Carol McCllelan

Starts Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Meets Weekly

Open (rolling) enrollment

1:00-2:00pm Eastern

Online via Zoom

Seats are limited

Sessions are held by Zoom, and all are recorded.

Recordings, tools, & toolkits available to members for the duration of their subscription.

Program for members includes

  • Learn the 6-Step Consulting Sales Process

  • Group Coaching & Mentoring

  • Consulting Toolkit & Templates

  • Personalized Sales Skills Assessments for Each Member (Annual Membership)

  • Green Industry Trends & Insights

  • Network with Fellow Green Professionals

  • Members-only Rates (50% off) for Select One-on-One Coaching and Workshops

Click here for a downloadable Agenda

Early Bird Three-Month Membership (closes Monday, Jan 18, 2021): $149 USD

Prepay for Annual Membership (closes Sunday, January 31, 2021): $596 USD

Regular Membership: $796 USD

Payment plans and invoicing options are available. Please contact Beth Offenbacker at or 703.623.4811

The GCS Group Coaching & Mentoring Program is led by Beth Offenbacker, PhD, CPCC, ACC.


Beth is the founder and principal at Waterford, Inc., and in this program, she focuses on the steps she’s used to grow her business into a seven-figure organization over the last 20+ years.

Learn more about Beth’s expertise and experience at

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