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Green Consulting Success

Small Group Coaching & Mentoring Program

An Invitation from Beth Offenbacker

If you're a consultant who is new-ish to consulting or are looking for a refresher on how to effectively develop your skills and expertise as a trusted advisor to clients, this program might be right for you.

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Power Up Your Green Consulting

Group Coaching & Mentoring Program for developing and furthering your consulting expertise

  • Are you looking to stand out in the marketplace as a trusted advisor to current and future clients?

Green Consulting Success (GCS) is a program for consultants who are seeking to enhance their consulting skills and expertise.

Consulting excellence is about more than solving the client's problem -- it's about skillfully guiding clients through the specific stages in the consulting process while also being mindful of what's needed to cultivate a respectful, ethical, and effective ongoing client relationship.

GCS Coaching & Mentoring sessions, held via Zoom, focus on the steps, strategies, and practices that support you in delivering client excellence as a consultant.

These skills are a component of Waterford’s Green Consulting Success Map™, which provides the foundation for the GSC program.

Sessions also emphasize “green” trends and insights that are valuable for identifying possible client needs and future opportunities.

The program includes two personalized Sales Skills Assessments and a 60-minute Assessment Review and Coaching session.  

  • The DISC Sales Assessment provides insights on your personality strengths and how to effectively communicate with prospective clients who may be similar, somewhat different, or very different than you.

  • The EQ FIT Sales Assessment identifies your distinctive emotional intelligence strengths and guides you in developing the personal consulting skills that can foster sales success.

This program is for you if you’re seeking to:

1. Learn and apply science-based consulting strategies and tools as a guide for enhancing your effectiveness as a consultant

2. Skillfully guide clients through challenging topics and issues in support of your role as a trusted advisor

3. Identify and hone the behaviors and practices that contribute to consulting success

4.  Understand and manage the mindset and expectations of clients – including those who are more difficult to reach or work with and gain tips for working with them effectively

5. Expand your knowledge of Green market trends and the corresponding or emerging needs that clients have

6. Grow and expand your network of fellow Green consulting professionals

Our sessions align with four Key Quadrants of the Green Economy below as well as on cross-cutting themes applicable to the green economy.


Environmental Science, Natural Resource Management, Energy & Smart Grid



IT/Built Environment, Information Technology, Buildings, Transportation



Extracting Raw Materials, Processing Materials, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Distribution, Waste



Research, Design, and Consulting Services; Governmental and Regulatory Administration; Environment Protection, Policy

Note: The specialized skills of PlanningDesigning, and Engineering overlap many of these quadrants, including:

  • Natural Resource Management and Energy & Smart Grid (both part of the Nature quadrant),

  • IT/Built Environment, Information Technology, Buildings, and Transportation (all part of the Infrastructure quadrant), and 

  • Extracting Raw Materials, Processing Materials, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Waste (all part of the Manufacturing quadrant).


Based in part on the work of Carol McCllelan

How to Enroll

Contact Beth Offenbacker for Fall 2021 dates

Six 90-minute sessions

Online via Zoom

Seats are limited

Sessions are held by Zoom, and all are recorded.

Recordings, workbook and supplemental resources included.

Registration includes three 30-minute 1:1 coaching sessions with Beth Offenbacker, PhD, CPCC, ACC

Program includes

  • The Green Consulting Success Map™ Process

  • Group Coaching & Mentoring

  • Three one-on-one 30 Minute Coaching Sessions

  • Workbook and supplemental resources

  • Session recordings

  • Personalized Sales Skills Assessments

  • Green Industry Trends & Insights

  • Network with Fellow Green Professionals

The GCS Group Coaching & Mentoring Program is led by Beth Offenbacker, PhD, CPCC, ACC.


Beth is the founder and principal at Waterford, Inc., and in this program, she focuses on the steps she’s used as a consultant  to successfully grow her firm over the last 20+ years.

Learn more about Beth’s expertise and experience at

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