Beth Offenbacker, PhD

Dr. Beth Offenbacker’s expertise, experience, and passion for people, the planet, and performance is what distinguishes her and sets her apart as an executive, executive coach, and consultant who specializes in elevating results and impact for individual talent and organizations in the Green Industry.

As the recipient of more than 30 awards, honors, and fellowships throughout her esteemed career, she is highly regarded as the “go-to” authority and an extraordinary influencer in her field.


Her areas of specialization include:


Individual Team Members, Mid-Level Managers, and Senior Executives: Design Thinking, Challenging Discussions, Presentation Coaching, Performance Feedback, Career Management, Stakeholder Engagement Coaching, Social Intelligence


Organizations: Leadership Development, Executive Coaching, Customized Training and Workshops, Training Program Design, Strategic Planning, Green Policymaking, Emotional Intelligence, Stakeholder Engagement Advising on Planning, Techniques, & Process Management

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