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Waterford’s Client Philosophy

Your Goals as the Guidestar

Without your goals, our work together would be nonexistent.  We place your goals as the foremost consideration throughout our collaboration.

Design Alliance

Our first step in every project is to design a mutually beneficial alliance for working together. 


What needs to be in place for this project to be successful, on both sides of the table?  Let’s discuss it and design our work together around those needs, wants, and concerns.

Openness to Change

We realize that sometimes “change happens” and there is a need to adjust in some way for our work to continue to be successful. 


Our door is always open for a dialogue with you about what’s new or what’s changing, so that we can realign out efforts in support of your goals.


Our project work is based on a defined list of deliverables, and a specific timeline.  We commit to keeping you informed about the project progress from start to finish.

For individual coaching, we commit to checking in with you periodically to ensure we are achieving the goals you’ve established for our work together.


We take great stock in open lines of communication, and our focus is on establishing and maintaining a productive, proactive two-way dialogue with you throughout our work together.


We seek to be forthright in our communication with you.  When there is a challenge or issue that arises, we will raise that subject and seek to collaboratively resolve it in the best way possible, so that we may continue to deliver on your goals.  We ask that you do the same with us.

Ethics and Values

We hold ourselves to ethical standards as a hallmark of professional dedication. 


We commit ourselves to uphold these standards as consultants and coaches.

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