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Partnering Workshop Facilitation Engagements

The Road to Success requires starting off on the right foot with all project team members. 

Waterford’s Partnering Workshop Facilitation services effectively establish goals, outcomes, and expectations for project deliverables and accountability.


What is it that the client is asking us to do?  How will we do it – as the prime, and together with our subcontractors?


What milestones are there for the project that we all are working towards?  What’s the “critical path” for project success?  And how do we handle it when things don’t go necessarily as planned – so we can get back on track?


Length of Partnering Workshop Facilitation engagements: flexible

According to the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), “The ultimate purpose of partnering is to create a multi-participant team in which all participants are committed to a common purpose, goals, and work approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable. Shared responsibility means fulfilling commitments to the team and insuring the success of all members of the team. The approach must still allow for members of the team to share many common interests yet have differing authorities, interests, and objectives that must be accommodated.”


Waterford’s team includes trained facilitators who have successfully designed and led small and large meetings for companies, nonprofits, and public agencies.  We have effectively managed complex, multi-stage projects and are skilled and experienced in working with technical and scientific experts.


Our services include:

  • Pre-Meeting Planning

  • Partnering Workshop Facilitation

  • Partnering Charter Development/Coordination

  • Team Review of Key Performance Areas

  • Coordination of Key Performance Area Action Plans

  • Action Item Reporting From Partnering Workshop Meeting

  • Facilitating Team Framework for Decision-Making

  • Intermediate Partnering Workshops (Mid-Project)

  • Project Close-Out/Review Session

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