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True North Podcast Featuring EQ Skill 5, Engaging Intrinsic Motivation

If you’ve been following my series Secrets of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders, you’ll be glad to know we’ve posted the fifth podcast in the series. (Are you new to the series, or just want a refresher? Check out the earlier podcasts about Skill 1-Enhance Emotional Literacy, Skill 2-Recognize Patterns, Skill 3-Apply Consequential Thinking, and Skill 4-Navigate Emotions.)

The 8 Competencies of Emotional Intelligence, ©Six Seconds,

This podcast focuses on the fifth EQ skill, Engaging Intrinsic Motivation. Each session covers one of the eight competencies for emotionally intelligent leadership from Six Seconds, the global network supporting people to create positive change - everywhere, all the time.

What is Engaging Intrinsic Motivation?

This competency focuses on the importance of gaining energy from our personal values and commitments - instead of being driven by forces that are external to us.

“Engaging Intrinsic Motivation helps you develop and use lasting inner drivers,” Six Seconds notes. “This allows you to stand up, challenge the status quo, take risks, and persevere when the going is tough – and it helps you inspire that in others”

This session covers:

  • what Engaging Intrinsic Motivation is in relation to your EQ,

  • why it’s important for you as an individual, a leader, and an organization,

  • and offers tips and strategies you can use to grow this competency.

Click here to listen to Skill 5, Engaging Intrinsic Motivation.

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