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The Four Pillars of Positive Psychology

I’m delighted to share with you a new podcast interview with my good friend and colleague Robert Rosales. This podcast builds on my earlier podcast conversation Robert about the value of positive workplaces.

Robert Rosales

Robert is a coach, advisor, and facilitator for corporate leaders who are eager to develop positive workplace practices in support of performance and people in their organizations.

As you’ll hear in this 30-minute podcast, Robert is a coach and an expert in Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology.

As the founder of LEAD ACADEMY, a positive leadership consultancy, Robert leverages over twenty years of senior management experience at leading financial institutions with extensive education in positive psychology.

He also collaborates with the Master of Applied Positive Psychology Program at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and with Universidad Tecmilenio in Monterrey, Mexico.

Robert has traveled extensively after growing up in Spain and Switzerland. He earned a Master’s of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) from the University of Pennsylvania and is a graduate of the University of Geneva with a bachelor in Political Science and an Executive MBA.

Listen to this great conversation with Robert about:

  • Using Positive Psychology in a team environment

  • The four pillars of Positive Psychology, and

  • How those pillars connect with personal and organizational growth

Click here to listen to the podcast. You can help make the podcast an even better resource for you, and for others. I’d love your thoughts -- what keeps you up at night that you’d like me to focus on in future episodes? Email me to let me know.

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