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Case Studies in EQ: Sheraton Hotels

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Did you know that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is measurable and learnable?

Companies like Sheraton Hotels have demonstrated a link between EQ and sales performance and other organizational measures of success.

Courtesy of Six Seconds, this month we’re taking a brief look at how developing the EQ of team members has positively affected the bottom line of Sheraton and others.

(See our previous post about how Adobe has benefited from EQ training.)

Sheraton EQ graph

The Challenge: The Sheraton Studio City in Orlando worked on a year-long EQ project to improve sales, guest satisfaction and employee morale and collaboration. They began with an employee climate survey and then using an outside consultant, they focused on three “hotspot” areas for improvement.

The Solution: Employees participated in a series of short trainings to raise their awareness and improve their EQ skills. The leadership team also focused on cultivating their EQ skills, with an emphasis on creating a more consistent, positive, and trust-based culture.

The Outcome: The Sheraton Studio City experienced a dramatic increase in their guest satisfaction ratings and in their market share, and a significant decline in turnover. These results continued to improve for at least two years following the intervention.

Learn more about the business case for EQ.


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