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Case Study: EQ Leadership at FedEx Express

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Did you know that Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is measurable and learnable?

Companies like FedEx Express have demonstrated a link between EQ and sales performance and other organizational measures of success.

Courtesy of Six Seconds, this month we’re taking a brief look at how developing the EQ of team members has positively affected the bottom lines of FedEx and others.

(See our previous posts about how L’Oreal and Sanofi-Aventis, Sheraton Studio City in Orlando, and Adobe have benefited from EQ training.)

The Challenge: Even though FedEx’s leadership training is state of the art -- among the top 10 in the world – the FedEx Global Leadership Institute (GLI) is charged with continuously updating and innovating its’ employee training in keeping with founder Fred Smith’s call for continuously “raising the standards.”

FedEx “sees that the people-side of leadership has grown more complex, and looking to the future, is committed to developing leadership capabilities to manage the changing workforce,” Freedman and Daniel note.

“The goal is leaders who are better at influence, make decisions that are both quick and accurate, and are able to build a culture where people feel the dedication and drive for exceptional performance in a way that’s sustainable and creates real value for all stakeholders.”

The Solution: New managers worldwide with FedEx Express today benefit from a six-month program Integrating emotional intelligence assessment and development.

Provided by GLI with EQ certification training with Six Seconds, the program focused on building the skills and expertise necessary for people-first leadership within the company.

FedEx Express Outcome

The program’s combination of training and coaching is complementary. The EQ training provides an opportunity for participants to learn skills for developing people-first leadership. The coaching component enables each coach and participant to work in partnership to develop personalized goals that can be made actionable as they cultivate their leadership skills in action.

(The coaching programs we provide at Waterford also are a combination of practically-based skills and coaching.)

The Outcomes: The EQ training program yielded several outcomes for participants:

  • An 8-11% increase in core leadership competencies of Influence, Decision Making, Effectiveness, Relationships, Quality of Life, and Health (see figure at right).

  • More than half experienced very large (10-50%) improvements in certain key EQ skills and leadership outcomes

  • 72% increase in decision making measures

  • 60% growth in Quality of Life scores

  • 58% demonstrated major improvements in Influencing others

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Image: Six Seconds

Joshua Freedman and Jimmy Daniel, Case Study: Emotional Intelligence for People-First

Leadership at FedEx Express, 2014

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