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What “Presence” Means for Effectiveness

Being “present” as a leader, parent, manager, friend, spouse, sister/brother often seems like a cultivated skill in our busy world. “Presence” lets us be in that particular moment, rather than a million miles away. Mindfulness research has revealed how important this practice is for our wellbeing.

Ian Stewart’s recent article in Chief Learning Officer, “3 Steps to Develop Authentic Leadership,” described an excellent framework for thinking about being present, based on the work of acting and voice coach Patsy Rodenburg.

The Three Circles of Energy

The Three Circles of Energy

Circle 1

Reflection Mode: Our energy and attention are focused on our own thoughts and our innermost monologue – what we say to ourselves.

Circle 3

The Mirror: Where our energy and focus are outward – when we are transmitting.

Where we need to be is in Circle 2:

The Present: Where our energy and attention create connections with the people around us.

When we are in Circle 2, we’re engaging our emotional intelligence skills. It’s much easier for us to move toward the goals and outcomes we want at work, in our careers, at home, when we’re present.

How often are you in Circle 2?

Learn how you can strengthen your effectiveness at work and at home by being more in “Circle 2,” through our Emotional Intelligence (EQ) assessments.

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