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Quiz: What Future Leader Skills Do You Have?

What skills do you think are “the right mix” for success as a future leader?

Do you have those skills?

If you’re a senior leader, the skills you think are “the right mix” may not be the same as those that junior staff members view as essential. In fact, a recent Chief Learning Officer magazine article highlights the differing views that CEOs and millennials have about the skills that are needed to lead effectively in the future.

A 2017 Conference Board study reports that millennials embrace an empowering leader model. Specifically, “the prototypical leader is an inspiring coach, a compelling communicator and one whose choices and actions are informed by an intercultural perspective.” Inclusion in decision-making and well-developed interpersonal skills are how things get done, versus a more “command and control” approach.

CEOs see ideal future leaders using an effective, efficient leader model, focusing more on business savvy and efficient decision-making and less on interpersonal influence. Skill in stakeholder management is also a key skill they emphasize – for example, with shareholders, board members, and the media.

(The article also discusses possible reasons for these differing views, including leader-level, generational, and life-stage differences.)

Where do you stand on what skills are essential for future leaders?

I’ve developed a quick quiz, based on the findings of the future leader skills question in the study. Try it for yourself – and as you complete it, here are a few additional questions to reflect on:

  • What leadership skills are you expecting emerging leaders to have in your organization?

  • What leadership skills do your team members place value on?

  • Who on your team needs to develop these skills? Which skills are especially needed by each of your team members?

  • How are you providing them with ways to learn these particular skills – formally or informally?

  • Why are these leadership skills relevant to your mission?

Here’s the quiz. Fill in which skills you think are most important, ranking them sequentially from 1-9, with 1 being “most important” and 9 being “least important.”

How did you do? Compare your results with the findings of the study here.


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