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Using Employee Referral Programs and Networking to Land Your Next Job

Did you know that a recent study of recruiters and HR professionals found that 78% of positions are filled through referrals?

You need to ask – what I mean is, to work your network. Use your personal and professional network.

This isn’t news to anyone on the job hunt, but colleagues who are recruiters tell me they are filling positions that are never advertised. Your job is to use your network to ask friends, family, and peers to let you know when they hear about a possible opening. Alumni groups and professional organizations are great networks to tap too.

Be sure to let friends and family know what you need. Remember that they probably aren’t specialists in your field, so give them a good sense of the kind of work you’d like to do – for example, “a marketing position in the solar industry” or “an engineering job in a firm that works on water projects.”

Another great opportunity is to ask your network if their employer has an Employee Referral Program. These are programs where employees get a bonus or other perks for referring a high-quality prospect, if that prospect is hired.

The Society for Human Resource Management reports that 28-30 percent of newly hired employees are the result of employee referrals, according to Gerry Crispin with CareerXRoads, a staffing strategy company. In firms where recruiters actively promote these programs, the percentage is even greater – representing 35-45% of all newly hired employees.

This is great for you as a job seeker, because it means your friends are motivated (by a possible bonus of some kind as well as helping out a pal) to recruit a good quality colleague for their firm – that’s you! :)

From the recruiter side, these programs reduce recruiting costs and make onboarding of new employees easier, according to SHRM. Here’s a great infographic that talks more about the benefits of Employee Referral Programs for firms and for people seeking jobs.

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