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Your Secret Sauce: How Your Workplace Can Have a Positive Impact on the World

Are you a Best Place to Work?

We’ve all heard of this designation, but what does it mean?

These firms, nonprofits, and public agencies are recognized because they’re using creative, proactive initiatives that build positive momentum on performance.

They have a secret sauce of sorts.

The work is fun, people stay a long time, and they do meaningful work. Heck, who wouldn’t want to work at one of those places??!

There are lots of Best Places to Work designations, from Forbes, Fortune, etc. Those are good ones, but the one list that inspires me the most is the Best list compiled by the nonprofit B Lab.

It highlights several awesome initiatives put in place by companies that are certified B Corporations – social benefit companies.

B Corporations are firms that have committed to being “a force for good in the world,” B Lab notes. There are 1,800 B Corporations – and counting – around the globe today.

To become a certified B Corporation, companies complete a B Impact Assessment that scores them “on how they perform on metrics for impact on their communities, the environment, workers and customers.”

These Impact Assessments were used to compile the 2016 rankings of the Best of B Corporations, and several examples are listed below. These companies from around the world are ones “that go above and beyond in their pursuit of positive impact.” See the Methodology and Criteria here.

Not a B Corporation? There are still many awesome ideas here that you can use in your company, nonprofit, or public agency. Check them out!

Best for the World Overall

Simply the Best: CHCA’s Employee-Ownership Model

Cooperative Home Care Associates’ Proves the Business Case for Employee Engagement

Brewing Success (The Fun Way)

The Brewery That Acts as a Sustainability Leader and Engages Employees to Be Best for the World

Best for Workers

Companies That Stand Out for Their Commitment to Workers

Companies That Shine as 2016 Best for Workers Honorees

Best for Customers

Companies That Stand Out for Their Commitment to Customers

Businesses That Shine as 2016 Best for Customers Honorees

Best for Community

Companies That Stand Out for Their Commitment to Community

These Businesses Stand Out Among 2016 Best for Community Honorees

Best for the Environment

Companies That Stand Out for Their Commitment to the Environment

Businesses That Shine as 2016 Best for the Environment Honorees

See more case studies of award-winning B firms here.

Are you looking to become a Best for… organization – Best for Workers, Best for Customers, Best for Community, Best for the Environment, or Best for the World Overall? Employee engagement programs are a core element of excellence in all these areas. Schedule a complimentary consultation with Beth Offenbacker today to discuss your firm’s needs.

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