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“How B Corporations Measure the Triple Bottom Line – People, Planet, and Profit,” a True North Podca

This True North podcast features a discussion with Mark Frieden, President of Crossbow Strategies, on the subject, “How B Corporations Measure the Triple Bottom Line – People, Planet, and Profit.”

In this brief interview (18:29), Mark provides:

  • A quick overview of what a benefit (or B) corporation is,

  • Why B Corporation certification continues to gain traction as an approach to doing business, and

  • How companies of all kinds – “B” as well as “C” corporations and other corporate structures – are using the B Corporation certification/measurement tool to achieve meaningful gains in employee retention, engagement, and tangible value.

Mark also shares examples and insights from companies of all kinds who’ve completed the B Corporation certification process, from small firms to multinational corporations.

Listen to the podcast here

About Mark Frieden

Mark grew up in Lake Barcroft, Virginia, outside of Washington, DC, and he believes that business, wellness and the natural environment can all work together to grow a community where everyone thrives. He’s collaborated with organizations and individuals to reduce energy and water use, increase recycling, create healthier working and living environments and be more socially responsible. Mark also has over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry.

Crossbow Strategies works with socially conscious businesses to increase their value with stakeholders including employees, customers, shareholders and suppliers. The firm helps clients build a more positive impact on the community while reducing their impact on the environment. Crossbow Strategies also guides for-profit companies through the B Impact Assessment to become certified B Corporations, companies that meet rigorous standards of environmental, social and economic performance, accountability and transparency.

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