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“Leadership Insights for Your Next Role,” A True North Podcast with Glenn Richardson, Career Partner

This True North podcast features an interview (32:30) with Glenn Richardson, Advisor with Career Partners International on the topic, “Leadership Insights for Your Next Role.”

This is the first of a three-part series with Glenn on leadership and career development. Watch for parts 2 and 3 to be posted soon.

Listen in for our discussion on:

  • Signs that working with a coach might be beneficial to you

  • Challenges of being a new leader, and being a new leader in the C Suite

  • The impact of good leadership, sponsorship, mentorship and taking care of people on organizational performance or mission

  • How leadership programs can grow the skills of junior – and senior – leaders

  • The role of coaches in informal and formal leadership development initiatives – creating a “Leadership Lab” for team members

  • Key questions to consider for leaders as they begin new leadership roles, and as individuals transition from on-the-ground manager to more of a leadership role

  • Glenn’s list of Richardson’s Rules for Leadership as part of getting ready for the C Suite

Listen to the podcast here

About Glenn Richardson

F. Glenn Richardson is a noted industry leader, advisor, coach, and executive consultant. He applies many years of experience across business enterprises, government agencies, and academia while assisting numerous organizations with critical decisions regarding strategy, operations, and growth. Glenn currently provides business optimization and transformation advisory, advanced leadership training and coaching, executive coaching, and other talent management services to a diverse portfolio of clients, and is known for generating credibility and confidence among executive customers and their organizations.

Glenn is a former Partner at Arthur Andersen LLP where he led the Strategy, Finance, and Economics practice and received three consecutive Consultants’ Choice Awards for coaching, leadership, and mentorship. As a Partner, he also directed a key initiative for a global organization in the national intelligence community to form a new business unit for information technology solutions and applications for intelligence, and led a major accounting systems migration initiative for the world’s largest finance and accounting activity – the Defense Finance Accounting Service. Glenn is also a former Partner at Deloitte LLP where he championed an innovative Managerhood Program to provide newly promoted Managers with leadership, counseling, engagement management, and personal development skills.

Simultaneously, Glenn executed major programs for government organizations including the US Army where he spearheaded the review of supplemental funding provided by Congress to support overseas contingency operations and logistical support, identified over $180 billion in untracked public funds and equipment, and developed enterprise programs to ensure accountability, transparency, and accurate reporting of assets. He led additional consulting engagements in Defense Agencies and in the US Army, Marines, Navy, and Air Force; Headquarters, US Southern Command; the National Security Agency; the Central Intelligence Agency; and, private sector enterprises. In addition, Glenn is the former President of FedBid, Inc., where his customer relationship mastery and leadership development skills drove strategic customer relationships, networking, and a relationship-based selling approach, resulting in unprecedented market expansion, to include revenue increases of over 100% during a 3-year period and generating marketplace volume of over $2 billion.

Glenn’s military assignments included the US Army Special Operations Command; US Army, Europe; service in Operation Desert Storm; and, The Joint Staff.

Glenn earned a Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies from the US Naval War College, a Master of Business Administration in Finance from Syracuse University, and undergraduate degrees in Business Management and Economics from North Carolina State University. He is currently a board member of the Human Resources Leadership Forum.

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