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Green Career Momentum Program: Land or Create Your Dream Green Job -- Affordable Program, Participat

5-session package from May 3 to June 21 – Biweekly, both onsite and virtual ($75 - only $15 per session)


Are you at a crossroads as you consider your next career move in the Green Economy? Have you been inspired by Leaders in Energy members and speakers working in green jobs whom you’ve met at our events? Is this your year to land the Green Job you’ve been dreaming about? Are you looking to land, create, pivot into, or move up into your dream green job?

Join us for our first session on May 3rd. We will hear from Norman Christopher, the Executive Director of the Office of Sustainability Practices at Grand Valley State University who specializes in identifying clean energy and sustainability jobs and skillsets.

He is a seasoned executive in various management capacities including President, CEO, and COO responsibilities. He has helped improve business performance at Dow Chemical, Olin Corporation, Lubrizol Corporation and Haviland Enterprises in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Mr. Christopher holds a BA from the University of North Carolina and an MBA from the University of Connecticut. He also completed the Program for Management Development at Harvard University.

Mr. Christopher has also contributed numerous articles and papers to various journals and periodicals, as well as book chapters including Sustaining Michigan: Metropolitan Policies and Strategies (Michigan State University Press) and Handbook of Sustainability in Management Education (Elgar Publishing). He is the author of the book Sustainability Demystified! – A Practical Guide for Business Leaders and Managers.

NOTE: We are also offering a virtual platform if you are not based in the Washington, DC. area and would like to attend the sessions.

The 5-Session package scheduled is listed below. Learn more here on the speakers, topics, and green economy focal area.

Session 1: May 3 – Virtual, 7-8:30 pm

Session 2: May 17 – In-person, 7-8:30 pm, Session venue at Watergate (provided by IpSun Power)

Session 3: May 31 – Virtual, 7-8:30 pm

Session 4: June 14 – In-person, 7-8:30 pm, Session venue at Green America

Session 5: June 21 – Virtual, 7-8:30 pm

Our sessions will align with four Key Quadrants of the Green Economy below as well as on cross-cutting themes applicable to the green economy. (Source: “Green Economy Map: Industries and Sectors within the Green Economy” from Green Career Central and Four Key Green Quadrants from Leaders in Energy Green Career Workshop)


Environmental Science, Natural Resource Management


IT/Built Environment Energy & Smart Grid, Information Technology, Buildings, Transportation


Extracting Raw Materials, Processing Materials, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Distribution, Waste


Research, Design, and Consulting Services; Governmental and Regulatory Administration; Environment Protection, Policy

Green Career Momentum (GCM) is an ongoing career development program and job network for those seeking new jobs and related opportunities. The program will feature speakers who are working in the green career arena, career coaches, recruiters, etc. We will also conduct experiential exercises to help people gain insights into their job search and collaborate with one another. The program is tailored to assist job seekers at all levels and provide a supportive environment.

GCM builds on our past Jobs Forums and two Green Career Workshops that we have presented (prior attendance of these is not a requirement for this program). We will be developing a community of job seekers and those seeking related opportunities, e.g., entrepreneurship, in the green space. In addition to learning new tools and strategies, the GCMers will support one another via networking, share information on their job search with others, etc. This process can sometimes be a lonely and isolating one so this will be a good way to build comradery and support for one another.

As part of this network, you will:

  • Gain connections that support your Green Career goals

  • Learn new skills and tools to fuel your Green Career development

  • Hear from those who are working in the Green Economy as well as HR/hiring managers

  • Career tips from career coaches

  • Learn with and from colleagues in the field

  • Be supported in your vision for a greener, kinder world

  • Identify techniques for staying positive and proactive on your career search

Now is the time to take that step forward in making meaningful change in your career in support of a better world.

Instructor: Beth Offenbacker, Ph.D., HR Consultant and Coach, Waterford, Inc.

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