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Recording from the Six Seconds Webinar: Community

Recently Beth was a guest panelist on a Six Seconds webinar on the topic "Community," hosted by Joshua Freedman, CEO of Six Seconds and with fellow panelists Steve Goodner of Goodner Strategic Consulting and Jeff East of Spirit of EQ.

The webinar focused on the questions:

  • What is community, why does it matter, and how do you strengthen it?

  • What's the role of emotional intelligence?

We have many kinds of communities -- workplaces are communities, and social groups are too, in addition to the physical places we often think of when we hear "community." Emotional intelligence is “being smarter with feelings” and a powerful set of learnable skills that fuels insight, connection, and purpose. This expert panel of speakers, who'll be presenting at EQ-CON (the reunion of emotional intelligence practitioners, in San Diego, June), provided insights into how emotional intelligence fuels connection and thriving. Listen to the recording from this program (about 60 minutes)

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