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“Green Leaders for Local Impact” Retreat, Friday, June 8th, from 1- 5 pm

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We know that the ecosystem we live in is not sustainable without LOCAL action.

The Green Leaders Retreat will provide you with insights, skills, and connections for making a positive green impact in our world.

This retreat is for individual Green Leaders seeking to take the next step in creating positive impact at the community level in the DMV – creating actionable solutions that create more sustainable LOCAL communities.

You may be a leader in your job, community, or of one, seeking to shape a better future.

Won’t you step forward and be a part of creating solutions that matter for your local community?

Join us for an afternoon of inspiration and action with fellow Green Leaders on Friday, June 8 from 1-5 pm at Potomac Overlook Regional Park, Arlington, Va.

We’ll examine several of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in particular, #7 (Affordable Clean Energy), #8 (Decent Work); and #9 (Resilience). These three goals will be explored, in addition to the larger SDG framework, as one of several approaches to share existing knowledge and allow new ideas to emerge and be jointly developed. These goals can often seem out of the touch with our daily lives. How can we bring these actions to the local level? Can we begin to develop some local or personal SDGs?

You will:

  • Connect with fellow Green Leaders

  • Examine how local leaders can translate larger global goals into action into their communities.

  • Hear about the impact of the SDGs on the local level, and learn about gaps that need to be filled for a greener, more sustainable communities here in the DMV

  • Learn techniques for “Glimpsing the Future” from futurist Jim Burke

  • Create a practical, actionable plan for a local SDG project

  • Further hone your leadership skills as a Green Leader

  • Have fun!

The retreat will also include a guided nature walk (weather permitting) of this beautiful regional park located in Arlington, Virginia. Dress comfortably with walking shoes. Delicious refreshments provided by MOM’s Organic Market.

Register at:

Price is $50, $45 early bird by May 30th.

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