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Cycles of Growth

Fall here in the Mid-Atlantic is a season of beautiful leaves, apple trees that are being harvested, and of course, all things pumpkin! When we think about it, even in parts of the world without the four seasons, nature is always changing. New things are arriving -- acorns! -- and things that have been -- summer's beautiful sunflowers -- are beginning to fade away. How we approach these transitions is all about having a growth mindset, as Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck explains in this great video (below). It's acknowledging that we're always learning and growing, and embracing what's new.

Maybe the hardest part about embracing what's new is when people on our teams don't know how to do this, or get derailed every once in a while. After all, we all get hung up on what was. We mourn that thing. It's human. The National Mentoring Partnership has some awesome tools that we can use with team members to foster a growth mindset (and the secret is, they're also good tools we can use on ourselves). The Organizational Implementation Guide is also excellent.

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