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New Citizen Science MeetUp Group

If you're a citizen science project leader or team member (or an aspiring one) who's seeking to further develop your knowledge and expertise, we're inviting you to join our Citizen Science MeetUp Group.

The group recently started, and we'll be having meetings that occur in person in the Metro DC region, and simultaneously online. Read on for more info about Citizen Science, and for details about the group.


What is Citizen Science?

There are lots of examples -- for example, community members that do water quality sampling in nearby creeks, or Tree Stewards who collect data using the iTree app.

Or, if you've ever participated in the Cornell Great Backyard Bird Count, you were doing Citizen Science!

These are just a few of the hundreds of examples of how people -- some of whom have extensive scientific backgrounds or training, as well as people who may not have any formal training in science -- are actively participating in identifying and/or addressing environmental challenges or problems in their communities.


The MeetUp group is for you if what gets you out the door in the morning is knowing that you're making a community an environmentally better place to be. You realize developing -- and implementing -- that next CitSci project can be challenging at times, and that connecting with like-minded people is one way to shorten the process. You would prefer to combine networking with learning about new or current needs and trends in the field. And, a few insights about the technology, funding, and/or possible projects you could work on are a definite added plus.

We encourage you to sign up if the MeetUp group is a fit for your work -- professionally or as a volunteer -- and we ask that you also share the information with others who may be interested.

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