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EQ Skills for Green Leaders Workshop on Fri Apr 5 in DC

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EQ Skills for Green Leaders Workshop Friday, April 5. 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Washington, DC

Hosted by the National Association of Homebuilders

Our environmental challenges today are real. We believe everyone is a Green Leader – but we can’t do it all alone.

Recent studies show that relational and transformational skillsets are equally as essential as technical skillsets for green careers of the future (PAGE, 2016, Green Economy Learning Assessment South Africa: Critical Competencies for Driving a Green Transition):

  1. Technical skillsets. Using tools and objects to facilitate green outcomes, such as mathematical modelling, or technical analysis.

  2. Relational skillsets. “Soft skills” for successful people engagement, such as engagement and negotiation.

  3. Transformative skillsets. Strategies for spurring individual and group action — for example, generative listening, multi-stakeholder innovation, among others.

This workshop will provide you with effective leadership and management strategies for working with colleagues, staff members, senior leaders, and volunteers as a Green Leader.

Learn more and register at

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