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Gaining Momentum on Your Green Career: An Interview with Dr. Beth Offenbacker

Co-Active Coach Dr. Beth Offenbacker is the Director of Training and Development for Leaders in Energy, and runs the widely successful annual Green Career Momentum Coaching Program. With this year’s Green Career Momentum about to kick off in a week, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to catch up with Dr. Offenbacker and learn a bit more about her own career path.

Miriam Aczel: Tell us a bit about your career trajectory. What first drew you to the field of sustainability?

Beth Offenbacker: My first exposure to working in sustainability was when I worked as a Senior Writer and Speakers Bureau Coordinator at Potomac Electric Power Company a few years out of college. My job involved educating people about how power is generated and many related energy and environmental issues. That was my first sense that this field existed.

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