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Applying the Lessons—Living the New Life: The Green Career Hero’s Journey

This post is the tenth and final blog post in a series on Green career management, trends, and foresight in support of our forthcoming GreenSenses Workshop: Practical Strategies for Career Pivots

How do you know you are living the “new life?” Now that you are “here” what do you do?


  • Being in the new life brings a certain clarity and a reduction in restlessness and yearning for something different and meaningful

  • We realize that the new way of living is not a destination, but part of a process and a journey

  • We are invited to consciously recall our journey and savor our new perspective with a mindset of abundance and gratitude

If you have ever moved, you may experience the combined senses of excitement and some unease. The new neighborhood is not like the old. Not only are there different people, but sometimes unique cultures and practices. Jim moved from a neighborhood where there were no fences to a place where fences were common. The message was “we like our privacy.” That practice called for a different type of open friendliness.

Adjusting to new attitudes and practices can be unbalancing, but a willingness to learn and understand eases the process. Sometimes, a long-time resident will help the process, sharing with you the best places to eat, shop, and relax. Gradually, you become accustomed, accepting, and perhaps even fond of your new setting.

You may make a physical move as part of this journey, but even if you don’t, your neighborhood will be different—you will have a different mindset of abundance, possibility, and freedom to sense, savor, and act. Most importantly you will have a deeper awareness of the authentic you and that authenticity will guide you in your new way of being.

The feelings of restlessness and yearning likely will be reduced, if not eliminated, but you intuitively know that your new state of being is not an end-point, but a process of continuous growth and learning. From your journey, you have discovered the value and joy of a mentor and realize that being in a relationship with that guide is an enduring, important part of the process.

“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction not a destination.” — Carl Rogers

You are continuing to write your own story, applying the lessons of the journey, and aligning your gifts and talents to your calling, your vocation in the “green” industry. You have a deeper awareness of the many ways that people and the environment are connected and how you are called to honor those living networks. The larger question of why you are here may motivate you to consciously share the gifts you have been given, to serve others, and to build your legacy.

You may find that you are more generous in your recognition of the contributions of others to your journey, expressing gratitude for their support, and offering thanks without any expectation of response or return.

Sometimes, the attitude towards questions and answers changes. When, in the past, the job was to find answers, you may find yourself looking for better and bigger questions. You may find the nature of the questions changing, from accusing (why didn’t I (fill in the blank?)) to more supportive (do I need to do this?; and how can I best do this?).

“The journey has its own wisdom, the story knows the way. Trust the journey. Trust the story. Trust the path.” — Christopher Vogler

You may wonder about the pace in your new life. The guidance we have experienced invites us to consider if we are feeling rushed in our activities and, if so, to dive deeper into the reasons.

Similarly, if we are feeling reluctant or even plodding, we are welcomed to wonder why. It might be our old “friends” fear and doubt. Or, it might just be another Great Invitation to yet another new adventure.

Some questions to ponder:

  • What feels different about this new way of living?

  • How are you recognizing that a new attitude of authenticity is guiding your choices and actions?

  • What questions are you now asking of yourself?

Learn more about our upcoming GreenSenses Workshop: Practical Strategies for Career Pivots

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