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River Valley Community Grains and Regenerative Agriculture for Healthy Communities

Our latest True North podcast features the topic of regenerative agriculture -- a topic that has been receiving more attention in recent months during the pandemic. More and more people want to buy local, healthy food, and flour products are especially in high demand.

Join me to hear the inspiring story of a start-up company, River Valley Community Grains, in the words of co-founder Len Bussanich. The company encourages farmers to plant varieties of wheat and grains using regenerative, nonchemical methods, while also working to build a locavore network in western New Jersey that creates local jobs, provides healthy foods at a community level, and supports healthy alternatives to mass-produced flour and grains.

Len shares the story of River Valley and focuses on the core question of how start-ups like River Valley are leading the way in creating local food systems that support community wellbeing -- economically, socially, and from a health perspective.

About Len Bussanich

Len has a passion and deep interest in sustainability, local food systems, history and hiking the great outdoors. He has an MA in US history from Rutgers University, a certificate in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems from Tufts University, and a certificate in Community Sustainability Management from the University of Colorado. For his day job, Len works as Marketing Specialist for the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, a non-profit organization dedicated to outdoor education and stewardship.

Len also is Co-Founder of River Valley Community Grains, an agricultural initiative that stone-mills locally sourced grains into whole wheat flour and encourages farmers to grow a variety of grains using regenerative agricultural methods in northern New Jersey. Len and his colleagues hope to restore the historical connection between farmers, millers and bakers in the Garden State.

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