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Transitioning to a New Life: The Green Career Hero’s Journey

Updated: May 25, 2021

This post is the ninth in a series on Green trends and foresight in support of our forthcoming GreenSenses Workshop: Practical Strategies for Career Pivots

What does moving into “what’s next for you” look and feel like? How do you transition to a new life as the result of your journey?


  • Transitioning to a new life is an acknowledgment that we’ve grown as a person who has learned new skills and mindsets

  • We’ve leaned into and are increasingly comfortable with integrating the lessons we have learned

  • We are invited to celebrate the wins from our hard work of focusing on our career calling and accepting our intuition

The Tibetans call the space “in between” what was and what’s next “the Bardo.” On the 49th day after we’ve begun, the soul transitions from the Bardo and into the desired or future state.

We’ve spoken previously in our blog series about the “in between” space…and where you are right now is on the cusp of that 49th day. It’s the day you started to get your graduation gown ready for the big ceremony. It’s the day when you ready the baby’s nursery for arrival. It’s the day when you sign the papers on your new home.

And it’s when we pause to catch our breath and reflect on how far we’ve come on our own Green Hero’s Journey too.

At this stage, we begin to realize that we have changed. We’re different than when we began the journey 49 days ago. There’s been an integration of both soft and hard skills.

As part of doing this work, you’ve created your authentic path, with a focus toward your future vision. You’ve developed and drawn on your own skills of personal foresight and tapped into the trends in sustainability, business, and the world at large. You’ve begun to write stories of the future that reflect these insights and how you fit into those stories.

The future influences the present just as much as the past — Friedrich Nietzsche

You’ve identified success for the role you want to play in sustainability. You know what fuels your passion, advances your career narrative, and points to the ways you want to make a difference.

There’s been some testing of your stories and scenarios that have affirmed the strong parts and pointed to soft spots. You’ve reflected on the options that feel, in your gut, like the “right ones” for you. Comfort testing is probably one of the most challenging parts of traveling on the Green Hero’s Journey. It means aligning your future role with your aspirational vision. It involves talking in deep dialogue with people about your dream and reflecting on, “What’s possible for me? Where are my opportunities? Where am I invited to adjust my plans?” The answers and your intuitive knowing create a beacon that lights your path.

Two of the best things that you can do are 1) stay focused and 2) remain positive and grateful as part of your Green Hero’s Journey. Maintaining a positive and grateful mindset can do much to keep us on track.

You may see new real or possible constraints, especially when in the Bardo, as you progress toward your destination. Addressing them in a way that keeps you moving calls for a deeper understanding of the limitations. For example, your goal might be a Green career role that requires a certification (such as LEED), but you may have a financial constraint that limits you from pursuing that right now. You might instead engage with your supporters and mentor to identify options for gaining experience related to green buildings as a way of managing that constraint.

Here, we’re sensing the fruits of the journey and returning faithfully to the path and our dream, over and over. We live in an ordinary world and we’re also transcending that ordinary world to a new place of excitement, promise, and contribution.

One day you will look back and see that all long: you were blooming. — Morgan Harper Nichols

We could say that we’ve gotten our “sea legs.” We know how to walk on the deck of the ship, whether the sea is calm water or stormy. The goal is not to get tossed overboard when gale-force winds arise, but to stay on course towards our true destination.

Some questions to ponder:

  • In what ways have you grown as you’ve traveled the path?

  • How are you honoring that you are “in the Bardo” on your Green Career search?

  • What criteria for success are you focused on? What constraints are you mindful of as you move forward on your path?

Learn more about our upcoming GreenSenses Workshop: Practical Strategies for Career Pivots

Can we help with building and sustaining the skills you or your team need to advance professionally? Reach out to Beth Offenbacker, PhD, CPCC, ACC, at or via phone or text at 703-623-4811 to discuss if our Green Career, Executive/Leadership Coaching, Small Group Coaching and Mentoring, or Learning & Development services are right for you. We work with professionals and organizations that have a sustainability focus in their work. All services are customized to your needs.

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