What to Expect in Your Green Career Transformation: An Invitation to Adventure

Updated: May 25

This post is the third in a series on Green trends and foresight in support of our forthcoming GreenSenses Workshop: Practical Strategies for Career Pivots

Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

How do you “hear a calling” to a “Green” career?


  • Moving into a “Green” career requires pausing and reflecting on our professional and personal lives to date

  • Nature can provide an ideal setting where reflection can occur

  • There are many objective and subjective ways to discern whether an environmental or Green career is right for you

Every adventure begins with a starting point. You see a magnificent challenge in the world, like an unclimbed mountain peak, that dares you to take it on, to make a difference, to change lives. Or, more subtly, something right now…

Early in Jim’s career, he occasionally caught the sound of a departing airplane and wondered: Where is it going? Where would I go? What would I do there?

“I didn’t know it,” Jim said, “but that was my yearning starting to talk to me. “

Later in life, Beth began to notice that same internal conversation when she became a volunteer Tree Steward (a local group that plants, cares for, and advocates for trees).

“There was something about that experience that intrigued me, that I wasn’t exactly able to place or describe at the start, just yet,” Beth says.

In psychological terms, it’s called pre-contemplation – the process of getting ready to do something new. Something right now isn’t “just right.” We may be restless or yearning for something…more.

The restlessness becomes a nag and sometimes in exasperation, you almost surrender and agree with the nag to at least listen to your restlessness. This is where quiet reflection and contemplation are important. It’s more than hearing at this stage – it’s listening for and discerning your individual truth.

You may find your reflection takes place in nature -- or it includes thinking about natural places. It may be that your truth involves a career working in the environmental field in some way.

There are many objective and subjective ways to discern whether an environmental or Green career is right for you. Here are a few to consider.

Some subjective factors

1) You are continually drawn to it. It’s almost irresistible. You can’t not pursue it.

2) It aligns with your personal values about respect for nature and its creatures.