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Project Partners

Waterford works closely with carefully vetted Project Partners in support of the work we do for you, our clients.  Each project partner is chosen because of their specific experience, expertise, and dedicated commitment to client service excellence.


Please read on to learn more about the impressive backgrounds of these talented professionals in our field.

Sharon Armstrong

Sharon Armstrong

  • LinkedIn

About Sharon

Sharon Armstrong has more than twenty-five years of experience as a career coach, trainer, and human resource consultant.


Prior to founding her referral company, Trainers and Consultants Network (, Sharon served in various human resource leadership positions for AARP, The Brady Center, Association of Trial Lawyers of America, and two national law firms. 


Coaching Experience

Sharon is known for her ability to listen compassionately, ask relevant questions, and offer guidance drawing on her wide-ranging knowledge of the business world. Her easy-going style and responsiveness are instrumental in establishing rapport with her clients. She has coached all levels of employees in a variety of industries in finding the right trainer, coach, or consultant for their needs.


Writing Experience

Sharon’s first business book, Stress-Free Performance Appraisals was published by Career Press in July 2003. Her second business book, The Essential HR Handbook – A Quick and Handy Guide for Any Manager or HR Professional was published in Summer 2008.  The Essential Performance Review Handbook, her last book, was published in May 2010.  The Essential HR Handbook was recently updated and released in January 2019.


Jim Burke: 
Foresight and Solutions Navigator at DeepDive Foresight

  • LinkedIn

About Jim

Jim Burke is founder and Foresight and Solutions Navigator at DeepDive Foresight, bringing clients warnings about surprises before they are surprised


  • Collaborates with clients to understand the jobs to be done

  • Taps into his decades of successful long-view analyses, planning, and innovation experiences

  • Creates specific, actionable insights and recommendations

  • Delivers mission- and people-focused foresight, strategic planning, change management, and advanced technology assessments.


Foresight Experience

His clients have included:


  • Organizations in the Department of Defense during his first career in the US Air Force

  • Consulting to large and small organizations and businesses, including Fortune 500 companies and Defense and civil agencies.


Jim is collaborating with Waterford, Inc., to create pathways to personal transformation and identifying ways that the future potential of the circular economy will open innovative career opportunities.


Non-Profit Service

His non-profit service includes: Vice Chairman of Ascent Virginia, dedicated to a clean energy economy in South West Virginia, former President of the D.C World Futures Society chapter, member of the Association of Professional Futurists, and former Chairs of the Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy and Virginia Interfaith Power & Light. His undergraduate degree is in history, with graduate degrees in Public Administration and Science and Technology Studies.

Sharon Armstrong
Jim Burke
Sally Crow
Christoph Stein
Eliyahu Headshot II 4x6 brighter - squar

Eliyahu Lotzar, Ed.D., MSW:
Organizational Therapist

  • LinkedIn

About Eliyahu (eh-lee-YAH-who)
How do you create dynamic harmony of individual and group such that both benefit? Founder and Principal Consultant in Reframed Reality, Eliyahu utilizes competing values and reframing to create dynamic harmony of organization, team, and individual. Leadership coach, trainer, and group dialogue facilitator for small and midsize “do good” organizations, Eliyahu has utilized an insightful mind and warm heart to “Assess & Address” in healthcare, non-profit, social service, higher education, and manufacturing. 

Research & Assessment Experience
Eliyahu’s primary research in employee soft skills and organizational culture has been utilized by commercial ventures, educational institutions, and government agencies in over 70 countries. He fields a variety of validated individual, team, and organizational assessments: familiar ones such as Everything DiSC®, and specialized workplace ones such as ESAT, AccuVision, Management Style Indicator, and Organizational Culture Assessment Index. He provides clarity on how we operate alone and together.

Training Experience
A soft skills expert, Eliyahu created and facilitated his first workshop (Accessing Inner Information) in the last millennium and has been going strong ever since. For 6 years he regularly facilitated The Arbinger Institute’s two-day Developing and Implementing an Outward Mindset workshop. Whether full-day in-person leadership retreats or online 90-minute trainings for staff, he dives deep to reframe workplace mindset and practice with hands-on tools, concepts, and experiential activity. 

Counseling & Coaching Experience
Eliyahu had the privilege of sitting with hundreds of people struggling with addiction and/or criminal behavior, counseling with a mix of therapies and watching with joy as they connected disparate parts of themselves to develop a stronger core. Counseling and coaching students to improve their employability, along with a doctorate in executive leadership, led to leadership and executive coaching, helping each take the next step toward adding value to self, others, and community. 


Christoph Stein.jpg

Christoph Stein:
Coach, Consultant and Trainer

  • LinkedIn

About Christoph

The essence of Christoph's professional thinking is the question: what makes people and organizations change and grow, and how can he trigger this process and help his clients to achieve excellence in line with their values. He is fascinated by the link between Nature and our Emotions and eager to discover and learn more about this connection. His professional focus is linked to his own personality: He is curious and keen to learn, convinced that every person is able to discover and use their specific individual talents. Understanding people and communicating with them is essential for his work. He has lived in several countries and is fluent in five languages.

Coaching Experience

Christoph's interest in people and the way they organize themselves evolved from his studies in political science, and his focus on organizational development led him to become a certified coach working with both individuals and teams. He is a trained ontological coach but uses different approaches such as neuro-linguistic programming and emotional intelligence tools. In addition, he is a certified Shinrin-Yoku coach and works with groups and individuals in the Forest. He is convinced that Nature experience and connection are a gateway to connect with our emotions. We are part of Nature and we need to reconnect. This reconnection will help us to join the different efforts for a social and ecological transformation of our societies.

Through deep listening, he connects with his clients and listens to what they are saying, and what they are expressing without words. What makes his profession so unique are the moments when a client suddenly understands with his mind and heart where he wants to go and when a sudden change in perception opens a new door for transformation.

Professional Development

What really helped Christoph to grow was his work with individuals and organizations in more than twenty different countries. His involvement in their development and the feedback he received helped him to question his approach and to constantly adapt to new challenges. He had the opportunity to lead multi-cultural teams in different countries and gathered firsthand experience in managing human resources. He can look back at many years of successful collaboration with an extensive range of public institutions, private sector companies, and third sector organizations. His professional experience as a Manager in a conservation organization helped him to understand the multilevel link between ourselves and Nature in its whole.

Nicholas De Filippis
Sally Crow

Sally Crow: 
Business Strategist and
Online Business Manager

  • LinkedIn

About Sally

Sally Crow believes leaders are more successful – and their businesses are more sustainable – when they “lean into” their expertise and let go of cumbersome initiatives. 


In fact, Sally has a passion for helping entrepreneurs free up time by taking on time-consuming tasks so they can focus on what grows their core business.  


With over 20 years of marketing experience for private, public, and non-profit businesses, she founded The Crow Advantage, LLC to concentrate her talents in helping entrepreneurs improve their bottom line. Sally’s educational background is in Social Counseling, where she learned how to LISTEN and EVALUATE.

Client Experience

Sally works with a variety of clients - from authors to start-up entrepreneurs to seasoned business owners.  The common denominator is they all need more time to do what they love in their business.  


  • draws on her experience and listens closely to her client’s needs, and develops a summary and strategy for both short- and long-term business success

  • delivers strategic planning, implementation, and focus-driven results.

Non-Profit Experience

Sally volunteers her time and expertise with various non-profits, from the American Cancer Society – Mid-South Division to local non-profits like The Greater New Orleans Sports Foundation. She was a Board Officer on Kelly Kicking Cancer, where she spearheaded marketing and event sponsorship.

Areas of Expertise

  • Business Strategy

  • Attraction Marketing

  • Social Media Management

  • Website Design

  • Event Planning

  • Research

  • Ghost Writing / Copy Writing

Nicholas De Filippis

Nicholas De Filippis

  • LinkedIn

About Nicholas

According to Nicholas De Filippis, the world is coming to an environmental climax and our leaders will need to be able to find solutions.


Currently a graduate student at American University, he is working towards his Masters in Environmental Science. In addition to his education, Nicholas has experience at government agencies and nonprofits. With expertise in research and writing, he seeks to use his skills to make an impact.


Research and Writing Experience

An expert at research and writing, Nicholas has developed his skills through school and education. Working at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers he’s gained expertise in research techniques and the ability to write for various audiences and purposes.


Non-Profit Experience

Nicholas has worked with multiple non-profit organizations including Advanced Biofuels U.S.A., Wildlife Habitat Council, and Earth Day Network. He is currently volunteering with the Maryland chapter of the Sierra Club on the education team of the Ready For 100 group.

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