Project Studies Engagements

Project studies are valuable
strategic planning tools.

Launching a new project requires a combination of strategic thinking and action planning.  But is it the right project for right now, or in the near future?  You need to know before you commit time, money, and staff resources to it.


Our Project Studies are useful for assessing short- and long-term opportunities and risks – particularly before you commit financial resources to a new initiative or policy proposal.


Length of Project Studies engagements: 3-12 months


Waterford’s Project Studies services include:

  • Scoping market factors and trends, including technical components

  • Market demographics for specific communities, regions, or market segments

  • Identifying potential people and organizational impacts within your company

  • Clarifying project need among potential customers or clients

  • Study findings, with clear strategic and operational recommendations for future steps


Tap into Waterford's research and project management expertise to ensure you're making the right decisions in alignment with your organization's mission, vision, and strategic plan.

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