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Lunch and Learns

Book Beth Offenbacker, Ph.D., CPCC, ACC for a complementary Lunch and Learn session at your workplace.  

These sessions are great employee development opportunities, all with actionable strategies in a handy workbook.


Email Beth at or call or text her at 703-623-4811 to discuss scheduling.

Lunch and Learns are free of charge  and are available virtually.

Sessions range from 20-45 minutes and are customized for your organization's specific needs. 


Examples of topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Unlocking Emotional Intelligence

  • Practicing Mindfulness in the Midst of Chaos,

  • 3 Steps to Effective Performance Reviews,

  • Forgiveness in the Workplace or Do I Have to Let It Go?

  • And others based on your needs or goals

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