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EQ-in-Action Model

The EQ-in-Action model of Emotional Intelligence from Six Seconds is a practical tool you can use to be more effective as a leader, manager, parent, family member, spouse, friend.

The model begins with three important pursuits: 

Know Yourself

Clearly seeing what you feel and do. 
Emotions are data, and the Eight Competencies, depicted at right, allow you to accurately collect that information.

Choose Yourself

Doing what you mean to do.
Instead of reacting “on autopilot,” the Eight Competencies allow you to proactively respond.

Give Yourself

Doing it for a reason.
The Eight Competencies enable you put your vision and mission into action so you lead on purpose and with full integrity.

The EQ-in-Action is a circle because it's an ongoing process -- as you move through the Three Pursuits, you gain positive momentum.

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Source: Six Seconds

Six Seconds Model of EQ in Action
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