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Small Group Coaching & Mentoring

We offer open enrollment groups for individual professionals and customized groups

that are designed to serve your organization's specific needs

Small group coaching and mentoring programs are an affordable, supportive, and effective way for you to further cultivate your own individual skills and expertise. 


You gain insights, skills, and tips for professional success as well as a positive environment that also supports networking with colleagues in the sustainability field.

We also customize our small group coaching and mentoring programs for organizational clients, based on specific learning goals, timeline, and budget. 


These groups are ideal for organizations seeking to build out their leadership succession pipeline as well as to address gaps in professional development that can propel progress on key KPIs.

The following core topics are available from Waterford through our Small Group Coaching and Mentoring programs:

  • What's My DISC Style?  Using DISC for Team Communication Effectiveness

  • Transforming Conflict Into Productivity Through DISC

  • Strategies and Tools for Stakeholder Engagement

  • Emotional Intelligence for Scientific and Technical Managers

  • Sales Skills for Green Consulting Success

Contact Beth Offenbacker, Ph.D., CPCC, ACC at or via phone/text at 703.623.4811 to discuss if our Small Group Coaching and Mentoring programs are right for you or your organization.



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