We support your junior- and mid-level team members in developing their specialized experience and expertise in engaging people for land use, transportation, and environmental projects, including watersheds, stormwater, sewers, parks, urban planning, 

and the built environment.

We train and mentor your junior- and mid-level team members on stakeholder engagement planning, techniques, and strategies.

In addition to our expertise in learning & development, Waterford's senior staff members have extensive experience working in the public and private sectors.  We understand the unique administrative and political contexts of public agency work, as well as the distinct financial and political pressures faced by private sector firms and nonprofits.

Through structured mentoring programs and individual coaching, we support your team with:

  • Learning the range of steps and approaches that support effective engagement

  • Developing structured processes to gather stakeholder input, ideas, and feedback

  • Strategies for engaging diverse voices and perspectives in support of the project goals

  • Conducting sound data analysis of stakeholder input

  • Identifying strategic and cost-effective approaches for engaging stakeholders

  • Recommending state-of-the-industry engagement tools, techniques, and technologies

  • Adjusting methods or approaches as market forces or policy shifts or changes

  • Addressing delicate or controversial issues with stakeholders

  • Establishing messaging that builds your organization’s brand

  • Evaluating prior engagement methods or approaches and recommending alternatives that may improve effectiveness or better manage costs

Contact Beth Offenbacker, Ph.D., CPCC, at beth@waterfordinc.com or via phone/text at 703.623.4811 to discuss if our Stakeholder Engagement Mentoring is right for your organization.



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