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Strategic Planning 

“Get your people to own the strategy and they will see it through.” – W. Chan Kim and Reneé Mauborgne

Strategic planning is a core part of every organization. Without specific plans that anchor short-and longer-term projects, programs, initiatives, or services, the organization is less efficient and less effective. 


Perhaps most of all, without strategic direction, the organization is at financial risk.  This, in turn, can directly impact the bottom line as well as the ongoing viability of the enterprise.

Waterford facilitates strategic planning sessions for nonprofit organizations, private companies, and public agencies.

  • Identify or clarify short-, medium-, and long-term goals

  • Develop objectives that support your organizational goals

  • Clarify your vision as a team or as an organization

  • Discover insights from customers, clients, or stakeholders and the impact on present or future services, programs, or products

  • Specify specific tasks that support goals and objectives

  • Build team awareness and ownership of individual and collective responsibilities

  • Develop risk management strategies or “what if” scenarios

  • Select dashboards and other tools to track performance and provide project management oversight

  • Identify evaluation strategies, reporting methods, and measures of success and accountability

Contact Beth Offenbacker, Ph.D., CPCC, to discuss if our Strategic Planning facilitation services are right for your organization.



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