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Talent Assessments

“How’m I doing?” – Mayor Ed Koch, New York City

Waterford uses assessments tools in order to identify specific strengths and opportunities as part of our Executive/Leadership Coaching assignments and our Customized Workshop and Training services.


There are several types of assessments we can provide for individuals, teams, and organizations, depending on need.  We provide assessments that focus on leadership and management skills in addition to behavioral skills that contribute to job success. 


These include assessments that identify:

  1. Communications Style: How can individuals work more effectively with colleagues and clients/customers?

  2. Social and Emotional Intelligence: Interpersonal insights that fuel professional and workplace success

  3. Leadership Readiness: What are your strengths as a leader?  Where might further skill development lead to better results and enhanced career outcomes?

  4. Individual Effectiveness: How do you work best with team members?  Using feedback from colleagues, peers, and managers, which interpersonal, leadership, and behavioral skills contribute to your success, professionally and organizationally?  

  5. Individual Motivations: What are the underlying motivators that fuel your team, so that you can guide the group to greater individual and collective results?

  6. Sales Strengths: Awareness of the specific behaviors leading to or that can potentially derail sales success

  7. Performance Gaps: What are the specific behavioral, strategic, and project execution gaps needing to be addressed in order to achieve key KPIs or OKRs?

Contact us for guidance in determining which assessments are right for you based on your specific goals.  Prices vary based on the assessment requested and discounts for bulk orders are available. 

We are also glad to incorporate the specific assessments your organization prefers into our Executive/Leadership Coaching and our Workshops and Training with you. 

Individual Clients and their Managers appreciate the use of assessment tools as part of talent development because they are valuable for:

  • Acknowledging strengths and opportunities for professional growth

  • Heightening self-awareness

  • Identifying possible patterns that are productive and counterproductive

  • Discovering or rediscovering what’s important to the Client or where they need to focus

  • Revealing how others perceive them, and their positive and negative “gives”

  • Showing gaps in leadership skills -- what they're gifted at, and where they could grow more

Additional benefits of assessments at the team or organizational level include:

  • Identify opportunities to further cultivate individual leadership competencies and team-based behaviors

  • Support continuous improvement in job-related and organizational competencies

  • Elevate trust among leaders

  • Motivate leaders and team members to improve skills that can accrue to the bottom line or organizational mission

  • Valuable as a baseline for performance-based standards for team members

In addition, we conduct Talent Needs Assessment projects for clients, where we assess talent needs for your team or your organization as a whole.  

Contact Beth Offenbacker, Ph.D., CPCC, ACC at or via phone/text at 703-623-4811 to discuss your organization's assessment needs.

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